Fistball in Australia

Fistball in Australia 

The story of fistball in Australia is one of ingenuity, creativity, and a pinch of that unmissable classic Australian sense of humour... and what began as an opportunistic roll of the dice soon became a long term dedicated journey to introduce and cultivate the love of this great sport Down Under.


The first officially documented game of fistball occurred on the 7th of February, 2013, when an enthusiastic group of men and women gathered at a park in Tullamarine, Victoria to form two teams and punch a volleyball over a rope in the hope that it resembled “fistball”.

Shortly after word of this successful fistball outing reached keen ears, official fistball teams were formed and the first ever Australian fistball tournament – aptly named Fistivus – was held at Royal Park in Parkville, Victoria on March 17, 2013. With four teams competing, the Fistroy Lions topped the Westside Mortal Wombats in final to become the inaugural Fistivus champions.

In January 2014, the IFA sent out an official IFA trainer & representative to both further educate our keen fistballers on the skills required to compete at an international level and to officially induct FiFA in the IFA, becoming the sixth continent officially recognised as playing fistball!

As a national team, Australia competed in their first ever international tournament in April 2013 – the 1st Asian Fistball Championships in Lahore, Pakistan, and sent their first ever men’s team to the Fistball World Championships in November 2015, in Cordoba, Argentina. The first women’s national team competed for the first time in the 2016 Women’s Fistball World Championships in Curitiba, Brazil.

Details on the national teams can be found on the “Men’s National Team” and Women’s National Team” pages.

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